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Virgen del Pino

Entry at the centro de visitante (one of the island information centers, for the nationalpark caldera de taburiente in el paso.) Here you will find detailed descriptions about the fauna and flora of this area and lots of information about the extensive, well-developed hiking network. It is highly recommended to look around there extensively before…
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La Palma

Isla de San Miguel de La Palma, is the northwesternmost of the Canary Islands that are in the Atlantic Ocean. Like Tenerife, it has all of the potential of its own micro continent. Due to the fissure of the volcano massive, it’s not special diameter size, the special air flow that sweeps over it and…
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Outdoor Canarias – Around the Teide

The Caldera, the giant crater of Las Cañadas. This impressive area of ​​approx. 18 km through large knives was once the summit area of ​​the Teide at ca 2000 m. Due to violent eruptions that emptied a huge magma chamber, a gigantic cavity was left underground. The ceiling finally collapsed under the weight of the…
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Mercadillo del Agricultor de Puntagorda

This popular travel destination is located in the northwest of the island. In the otherwise very remote village Puntagorda. For many years, every weekend, the fruit, vegetables and now diverse crafts of the islanders (including those who have moved in) are sold here.   Not infrequently, events such as wine tasting or musical performances are…
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La Palma-Caldera de Taburiente

Nationalpark: La Caldera de Taburiente A huge crater-like fringing mountain formation whose giant barrancos (gullies / cliff-like slopes) lead down and extend in a rocky riverbed which see ms to be the only way out into the sea. Of course, this is the whole island of a volcanic origin and of course the Caldera de…
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La Palma-Los Tilos

Los Tilos the quaint laurel forest, located in the municipality of San Andres and Los Sauces in the northeast of the island of La Palma. This impressive ecosystem dating back to the Tertiary period is even one of the archipelago’s most important laurel forests. Thus, it was voted the island’s first biosphere reserve. This diverse…
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La Palma-Refugio el Pilar

Es ist ein beliebter Erholungsort (etwa 1500 m) auf dem zentralen Bergmassiv welches sich vom Süden bis zum Norden erstreckt und die Insel in Ost und West einteilt. “Refugio” es gibt viele solcher einladenen Rastplätze auf der Insel. Mit dem Namen sind zum Picknick und Grillen ausgebaute Besucherplätze gemeint. Das Refugio “El Pilar” ist ein…
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