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La Palma-Caldera de Taburiente

La Palma-Caldera de Taburiente

Nationalpark: La Caldera de Taburiente

A huge crater-like fringing mountain formation whose giant barrancos (gullies / cliff-like slopes) lead down and extend in a rocky riverbed which see

ms to be the only way out into the sea. Of course, this is the whole island of a volcanic origin and of course the Caldera de Taburiente has characterized their characteristical landscape of Therefore, there are so far around there are no few and verifiable knowledge of how exactly the Caldera de Taburiente was born.

Due to its size and its location, it is certainly one of the most important and worth seeing areas on the small island. It is like a small continent of its own and only on the edge of the man may settle or sometimes take a longer walk through their labyrinths. This very untouched nature reserve has one of the island’s uniqueness. It has both underground porous rocks that store water but also almost the only source of fresh water (there is a similar phenomenon in Los Tilos) on the island. Visitor tip: The hike to the “Las cascadas de taburiente”

It is not a source for the reason. But it is these filled up by the rain storage all year round reveal their water. In the rainy season, the gutter turns into a wild, torrential river that regularly ravages and deforms on its way to the sea. Maybe it is worth to look at the following link a little closer (about the origin). link The highest point is crowned with the observatory on the “Roque de Muchacho”. It is a partly bizarre place, involuntarily reminiscent of the imaginary lunar landscape.  Ideal for the view into the universe you breathe here the absolutely cleanest and clearest air. Here, various nations are united with the most diverse telescopes.

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