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Mercadillo del Agricultor de Puntagorda

Mercadillo del Agricultor de Puntagorda

This popular travel destination is located in the northwest of the island. In the otherwise very remote village Puntagorda. For many years, every weekend, the fruit, vegetables and now diverse crafts of the islanders (including those who have moved in) are sold here.


Not infrequently, events such as wine tasting or musical performances are accompanied on the forecourt. If you like cozy strolling on markets it is a good destination. However, it is not too big and I would rather combine it with another excursion in the area.

There is a refugio located opposite the market – so barbecue areas with a nice children’s playground. Hikes from here are good to Las Tricias and then on to Las Burracas (a Barranco with old Guanche caves). There, a woman has settled and operates in the middle of this pampa a small but fine cafe.

A worth seeing and very popular place! This hike from the Mercadillo is a long way (if beautiful) and especially the way back almost exclusively upwards – should be considered. You can also just follow the road by car and just get in further down.

There is also a port of Puntagorda. At least you have to drive the car as far as possible. And then you descend the cliff, passing various caves of the friendly inhabitants.

On the way, you should definitely make a detour to a small chapel “Mauro”. Worth seeing antique and wildly romantic shows the place!

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