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Outdoor Canarias – Around the Teide

Outdoor Canarias – Around the Teide

The Caldera, the giant crater of Las Cañadas. This impressive area of ​​approx. 18 km through large knives was once the summit area of ​​the Teide at ca 2000 m. Due to violent eruptions that emptied a huge magma chamber, a gigantic cavity was left underground. The ceiling finally collapsed under the weight of the volcano. The Las Cañadas craters were created.

Much later the Pico Viejo and then today’s Teide grew up.

Las Cañadas is characterized by very characteristic vegetation and of course lava flows. And there are many trails in different levels of difficulty.

You can start to see the Cañadas in the Centro de Visitante.

If you want to go high up the Teide, get on the Montaña Blanca. This tour is a multi-hour affair.

The first ascent goes to the pumice peaks of the Montaña Blanca. Almost bizarre huge lava balls lie around here. Teide eggs, as they are often called, were formed because they preceded the big lava flow.

From here you can reach the cable car (Teleferico) to Teide in about 3 km. At an altitude of 3,555 m there is a mountain station and you cannot get further up for nature conservation reasons.

The start at the Hotel Parador Nacional. It is an approx. 2-hour circular route where you can enjoy the fantastic high mountain landscapes. You can visit Los Roques (the landmarks of Tenerife) on foot. The path is relatively unprepared.

There is still a nice mountain tour to the Guajara (2715 m). It is a bit more demanding and can be done in about 4 hours.

If you are planning these tours by bus, you should definitely download a current bus app. Otherwise you can also find “the public bus” from Dr.Molls Vulkan Expedition in well-stocked bookstores. But you need to check always the actually timetable! 

At this point, many thanks for the provision and permission for the information to Dr. Molls Vulkan Expedition, for our blog

The Canary Islands invite everyone to do many different outdoor activities. And a very nice idea is To do a climbing tour in this volcanic landscape. We climbed the Cañadas with a guide. And it was dreamlike. Finding a professional guide here and taking advantage of the really many options of the year-round offers – is worth it!

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