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our philosophy

The basic concept, the guide since its founding in 1994, is spun out of the idea of ​​enjoying one’s life and making it more comfortable. Following the motto: We are what we do.

We want our customers to feel good, to be beautiful and to enjoy the products they have bought from us for a long time. We want the people involved to make it, or at least decide it voluntarily. And so that they and their families can feed well. We would also like to ensure that all animals and plants (all raw material suppliers, kbT / kbA) needed to produce these products have been provided with great consideration for the natural cycle of their living conditions!

We carry a very extensive assortment exclusively from Patagonia. In short: they fulfill all of the points listed above that are important to us. 100% Greenfashion & Fairtrade In addition, they want to achieve a decent quality and continue to evolve. In our selection: Of the practical and technically hardly beaten trekkingclothing, is also covered for water sports (bathing and surfwear) … and just all types (trekking, biking, paragliding, trail running …. etc …) of the possible clothing for outdoor activities offered.