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Come and enjoy the wild green and beautiful nature in the Canary Islands!

Breathe the cleanest air in the world, discover the diversity of the microcosm of our archipelago! Sea, mountains … forest and volcano …..

Become an enthusiastic hiker. Here you will find quality and enjoyment of life.

Mountain sports fashion: For ten years, we have been selling the highly developed and innovative outdoor brand Patagonia out of conviction.

The brand from California has a lot to offer for those who value quality and are happy if there are any who make an effort to produce Fair and Clean! You can find more on this link: Patagonia

A department of mountain sports fashion for experts in green demanding! We have a very extensive and exclusive selection of Patagonia. In our assortment: Practical and practical mountain clothes technically difficult to overcome, it is also covered for sports aquatics (swimsuits and surf) … and for all types of clothing for outdoor activities.


At the heart of our clothing range is exercise in the great outdoors. From hiking and climbing to cycling and surfing… and more.